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Roz Mellor Nature Table Jeweller & Florist






I am a dawdler, one who ponders and wonders as I wander. I am fascinated by the smaller, subtle things in life which contribute to the rich tapestry of our truly amazing world.


I collect these tiny treasures; seedheads, twigs, bark, leaves, stones.


Their tactile qualities enrich my day and summon me to reflect on their sophisticated formation in response to evolutionary survival.


My attempt to evoke the passing of time with rich patinas and gradation of colour, evolves in my workshop through what I believe to be meditative contemplation and thoughtful composition;


Colour harmonies, texture, form, sound and sometimes scent combine to suggest the natural world's presence close at hand. 


A background in floristry, a degree in Applied Arts (metalwork) and an appreciation for the natural world and archaeology merge together to inform my ever evolving taxonomy of original handmade jewellery.

Traditional silversmithing techniques transform flat metal sheet into tactile 3d forms and the involved process of lost wax casting enables otherwise transient, organic found objects to 'fossilise' into wearable talismanic keepsakes.

Base metals to me are as relevant as noble ones, so I choose copper, brass, bronze, gilding, pewter, silver or gold depending on the task in hand.

My sympathetic approach to designing, making and finishing hopefully bestows a wabi sabi appeal of authenticity to my work which in turn helps distinguish it from the world of ill-considered mass production.


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